How do you Motion Pro?

We knew the impact Motion Pro has had on our builds and in our garage, but wanted to reach out to the people and see what they had to say. We were unprepared for the incredible stories and amazing photos that were shared with us. While we appreciate each and every submission, we had to narrow it down to the top three contestants. Given the quality of the entries, this was no easy task. I would like to thank everyone who participated, and certainly Motion Pro for not only making remarkable products but for supporting their dealer and customer networks at such a high level. Without further ado we are pleased to announce the winning entries.

Honorable Mention Runner Up: DCC Mystery Box: Nakia Johnson: This poetic entry was universally enjoyed.


You’re asking for Motion Pro stories And that seems fair But there’s a population You’ve missed out there.

These sad, sad cases They have no tools By Motion Pro The brand that rules.

And so I think that, If I were you, I’d make a point To try something new.

I’d introduce a fellow To this brand.

This Motion Pro, you think so grand.

I’d search and search The whole world through To find a guy Who needs the tools.

And when the search At last is done You’d end up with Only one.

One guy who rides, Who hoons, Who speeds.

And Motion Pro Is his greatest need.

So I’ll sign off now And await your decision And meanwhile dream Of tooly visions.”

3rd Place: Motion Pro V3 Cable Lube Tool & $25 DCC Gift Card: Steve Baugrud of Wisconsin: Several nice builds to showcase, and a real appreciation for quality.

“Motion pro has been invaluable to me throughout my years of building garage bikes. I have built numerous bikes in the past 10 years. I have had my bikes featured on blogs such as pipeburn, the bike shed, return of the cafe racers, and more. My Titan T500 was featured as a Bike of the Month selection on DTT/ Dime City. I have used motion pro products in every single build to date.

The obvious, and most common answer you will get, are the cables. I have used their cables on countless projects throughout the years including my CB200 cafe, XS650 bobber, Suzuki T500 titan cafe, Honda CX500 bobber, and Ryca CS-1. Without motion pro, I would have been at a loss for sure. From tach to speedo, drum brake to clutch, and everything in between. The price is reasonable and the quality is top notch. You get a cable that surpasses vintage OEM quality in most cases, and it won’t break the bank.

The less obvious use of motion pro products would be their tools. I own a motion pro carb sync tool which works like a charm. I was dreading syncing the four carbs on my 2000 Kawasaki ZRX1100, but the simple design and the comprehensive instructions included in the 08-0411 SyncPro kit made the task super easy and even fun! The 158086 flywheel puller came in very handy when I did the “triple bypass procedure” on my 1980 CX500 that I turned into a bobber. I even brought back to life some old vintage drum brake Honda CB200 cables using the motion pro cable lubricating tool. These are just a few of the reasons why I appreciate motion pro products.

I have attached some pics of a few of the bike referenced above. Thank you for your consideration and time in reading my story.”

2nd Place: Motion Pro Brake Caliper Piston Tool & $50 DCC Gift Card: Kevin Haugjord of Alberta Canada: Coolest teacher in Canada? Find your way to their secret flat track and you might have to agree.

“I use Motion Pro throttle and clutch cables on my 1970 Honda SL350 every 2nd night of our short Canadian summers for our beer league, Pistons Flat Track nights. A bunch of old farts pile on the team bus and head to our super top secret track to live out our “The Thrill Is On” vintage flat tracking dreams. Oh yeah, I also use Motion Pro cables (and a whack of other DCC stuff) on my clean, original ’76 CB750 and my ’71 CB750 cafe bike which I’m building this winter (expecting my next DCC shipment tomorrow!)”

1st Place: Motion Pro 6pc Metric T-Handle Set & $75 DCC Gift Card: Mike Ward of Kentucky: Collecting and using Motion Pro tools and products for over 30 years with the stories and pictures to prove it, Mr. Ward has earned his first place prize.

“I have been using Motion Pro tools and cables and there other products for over 30 years now! As I am a tool freak and also a collector, rider and racer of current and vintage off-road motorcycles and there specialty tools have made my life a whole lot easier for wrenching on them.

The best I remember my first MP tool was there famous chain breaker which is still going strong today, My favorite MP tool?….ALL OF THEM!, They have got me out of so many binds by owning them and using them for there purpose its not funny!

Not only are there tools great quality and do the job as intended!….There great customer service is there to back them up as I have had a few fail and they replaced them with no questions asked!

How can anyone who rides and wrenches on there own bikes (either street or off-road) not at least own one or many of Motion Pro’s great outstanding specialty tools?

And every time I see they have introduced another tool….I just have to own it!

Don’t know what else to say but…Thank You Motion Pro for providing the tools, cables etc…That are required to keep our Bikes going and please keep up the great work!”

(via Dime City Cycles)

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