‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: This is the Leaked Plot, Multiple Sources Say

There’s the official The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary giving away most of it. There’s Curtis Robinson and RFP user the Pawn.

What each are saying, the man who perfectly put together what happens in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” said the leak of the plot of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (certainly from the dictionary) “definitely points” to what they are saying. Robinson’s source and the Pawn saw the world premiere.

And that’s besides official Disney books and many folks online, including Joanna Robinson, reddit user SnokeSnoke, Pastebin member Mike77700 and Instagrammer _thomasmoon117 partially giving the plot away. Each saw the film or know folks who did.

Let’s make the jump…

Rey’s parents are nobody unique.

Luke Skywalker dies – and maybe never left the island.

Kylo Ren is the new big baddie, having killed Snoke.

Leia lives (though she won’t be recreated in the sequel, Disney said).

Luke dies because he projects himself through the Force, draining his lifeforce.

Rey is the new last Jedi.

Yoda appears and convinces Luke to train Rey. (Mark Hamill tweeted a photo of Yoda actor Frank Oz at the world premiere.)

Rey and Ren fight alongside each other as each is trying to win each other to their side of the Force.

Rey and Ren have a strong psychic connection.

The Resistance is no more.

Captain Phasma dies.

“Actually, no mind-blowing surprises,” the Pawn wrote. “Need to watch.”

Why “Awakens” is lame

Rey’s parents, junk dealers, are terrible people, having left Rey on her home planet of Jakku.

“She is no one, really,” the Pawn wrote. “Just strong in the Force.”

But you may recall that Rey was able to do extraordinary things with the Force in “Awakens” – she’s even stronger than the Chosen One, Anakin, Rey’s portrayer, Daisy Ridley, said.

This is a problem because it’s established in Star Wars mythology that while folks may be strong in the Force, to utilize skills in it, they must be trained, as Luke portrayer Mark Hamill pointed out months ago at Star Wars events.


There’s plenty of humor.

“Might not sit well with some fans,” the Pawn wrote.

Comic relief comes from Chewbacca’s interactions with Porgs.

Snoke does not get a backstory.

Luke talks with Leia, but through a projection.

“Kylo has (a) Moby Dick complex against Luke,” the Pawn wrote. “Luke’s death would take 30 minutes to discuss. When you see it, you will know why.”

“Luke is drained of Force and dies from projecting,” the Pawn wrote. “It’s a new Force power.”

He is drained while his projection fights Ren.

“It’s the big reveal that he was all the time on Acht-To” and not really there,” the Pawn added. “Or was he?”

During the space battle, Leia “gets blown into space and uses the Force to survive and get back on board,” the Pawn wrote. “Kylo is not the one who shoots at her; another fighter does it.”

To get back on board, “she flies back to the ship like Superman,” the Pawn wrote. “Stupid.”

“Kylo is evil,” the Pawn wrote. “The true bad guy.”

Ren and Rey fight in a style found between those seen in the original and prequel trilogies.

Luke also sees the hologram of then-Princess Leia saying “help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” It warns him up to train Rey – and then Yoda appears. It is revealed that Luke has a super-Force power when he apparently arrives on-scene and blaster shots do nothing to him. The Resistance is “blown to hell at the beginning.” Luke “uses his lightsaber in two flashback scenes.” He throws his old lightsaber that Rey gave to him over the cliff where he was standing. According to the book “Rose and Finn’s Secret Mission,” Finn and the new character Rose go to a place called Canto Bight and Finn is enamored by the glitz and glamour, never having seen such a thing before as a stormtrooper. The two find themselves in a jail cell before an unknown individual named DJ frees them.


“The movie is not that deep,” the Pawn wrote. “It’s a Disney movie for kids. … They are not making films original trilogy (fans) have dreamed about. … It’s a great, popcorn blockbuster movie that will make a billion dollars.”

“No big, holy *** moments, like Rey is Obi-Wan’s granddaughter,” he added.

“If you liked ‘The Force Awakens,’ then you will like this one,” he said. “It will be debated more than ‘The Force Awakens’ was, though.”

“You have to see the movie,” he remarked. “Luke never leaves Acht-To and is able to meditate and project an image of himself across the galaxy. Again, this will cause some fans to go ‘WTF?’”

And here’s my analysis that director Rian Johnson “purposely hid the ending of the movie from all marketing materials” meant nothing. Johnson’s efforts are according to Daniel Stahl, the guy who nailed the plot of “The Force Awakens.”

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