How to Build a Bigger, Better, Beautiful Party Spread

Photo by Julia Gartland

One of the great pleasures in life is showing up to a party or dinner to find a bountiful plate of finger foods laid out before you. Just picture it: thinly sliced prosciutto, pristine olives, fresh baguettes, and, of course, a multitude of cheeses, be they soft or hard, sharp or mild or stinky. If you ask us, a spread like this can never be too big. Working from this philosophy of “more is more,” may we present the Extra Large Dutch Bread Board from Dutch Deluxes, the ideal medium for unveiling your inner maximalist.

This true behemoth of a board—we’re talking measurements in square feet—can accommodate a big bash (or a small get-together with particularly hungry people). Made in the Netherlands from your choice of French oak or walnut, it comes in four shapes: round, paddle-shaped, and two rectangular varieties (one a bit slimmer than the other). And it’s finished with natural grapeseed oil, keeping the wood hydrated without adding any unwelcome smells or tastes. It makes for a true statement piece, setting a tone of grandness and generosity for your guests.

Cheese Board 101: Building the Perfect Plate
Cheese Board 101: Building the Perfect Plate
by alasully

A board like this calls for a true spectacle of a spread. If this prospect daunts you, never fear: We will be your guide. This rundown of cheese plates gives you the key tools and strategies for presenting a truly impressive array of cheeses. Some quick takeaways?

  • Keep yourself stocked up with a collection of trusty cheese knives.
  • Make wide-ranging cheese choices, creating a diverse assortment of flavors, textures, and colors.
  • Transcend the cow! Sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses add much needed variety.
  • Take advantage of the natural friendship between wine and cheese with thoughtful pairings.

If you’d like to venture beyond cheese, you can check out our 12 favorite tapas recipes and party Spanish-style. Or you could simply browse our Community Picks for hors d’oeuvres and find your new favorite recipes for small bites. Honestly, though, you can put essentially anything you want on this board and wow your guests regardless.

What would you present on this giant of a board? Let us know below!

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