These Glasses are Made of…Cheese

The ability to sip wine or beer from a cup made of cheese: Farfetched? Potentially. Vaguely impossible? Not anymore.

In celebration of Finland’s 100th year of national independence, a Finnish dairy company Finlandia Cheese is releasing a limited-edition, made-to-order line of beer and wine glass carved out of cheese. Like any good cheesemaker, the company corresponded the glass’s material to the drink that will fill it: Gruyère for the beer and Gouda for the wine. They recommend pairing the Gouda glass with a merlot or another bold red, and filling the beer cup with a stout.

The cups will go on sale on December 6, for one day only. Those who wish to buy them have to head to the company’s Facebook page and request one directly by message. Each set of cups will be made to order and the makers, Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, average about three a day.

There’s only one detail that has prospective customers holding back: Each set retails at $5,000—a pretty penny for dairy drinkware. Nonetheless, if the carved hunks suit your fancy and you feel the urge to splurge, go ahead! Pairing cheese with your wine has never been easier.

Would you gulp from Gouda? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

(via Food52)

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