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The Hustle Merch

the story

We never wanted The Hustle to be just an email newsletter or just events. In our minds, The Hustle represents a community of like-minded people all huddled around a single campfire built on trust and authenticity.

Wow. That didn’t come out right…

Trying it again, our business is only as good as the people who believe in it, AKA all of you. Whether it’s reading an email we sent, a blog we published, attending an event we threw, or watching a terrible Facebook video we created — the support we get from our community is what makes this whole thing go.

So, as a thank you, we thought it’d be cool to open up our own, secret, internal swag to anyone who wants to represent the brand.

why we like it

The Always Be Hustlin’ shirt was designed as a volunteer shirt for an early Hustle Con. People liked it so we kept it around, changed it from an annoying orange to more tasteful gray, and gave it out to our employees, friends, and ambassadors.

Everything else was designed and developed for no reason other than it made us feel good. Stickers to dress up our laptops, socks to keep us motivated, hoodies because that’s what startups do, and trucker hats to make us feel like we’re skateboarding in 2002 — queue Von Dutch flashback.

That’s still cool, right?

the competition

Literally anything else. Everyone makes shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies, and socks.

But, depending on how this little experiment goes, we’d love to expand our merch offerings to fit whatever mood, feeling, or style you want to represent.

Note: We do our best with fulfillment, but please be patient. Logistics are hard, inventory burns a hole in our pockets, and we have an email to write.

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