The Italian Pan Brand That Gets Food52 Staff in a Tizzy

You may already be aware of the popular Ballarini nonstick pans, those dream-to-use, easy-to-clean workhorses that have quickly taken top perch in our kitchens. What you may not be aware of is just how cherished they’ve become among our team.

The Italian-made, professional-grade pans made their stateside debut earlier this year and have made the best of friends with eggs, pancakes, and all manner of quickly sautéed veg. Ballarini pans are the fastest to disappear when they’re offered up for sale in the office, with plenty of fanfare (cheers of jubilation and groans of defeat alike) for the victors who manage to get their hands on one.

5 Reasons Why We're Loving the Ballarini Nonstick Fry Pan
5 Reasons Why We’re Loving the Ballarini Nonstick Fry Pan
by Olivia Bloom

Some have already forged deep loyalties to the pan: “I scramble one egg almost every morning for my toddler son,” Lily Soysal, our director of brand experience, shares. “I’ve always been a little uneasy about coated and nonstick pans, but my stainless pans are annoying to clean every morning before work.”

“I basically just leave my little Ballarini on the stove all day. I use it in the morning before work for a quick scrambled egg, I heat his lunch in it mid-day (rice, pasta, whatever), and cook in it for dinner. Each time we use it, it wipes clean QUICKLY,” the busy mom explains. “I don’t have to soak it or scrub it. It’s become such an important, practical part of our kitchen.” Just look at the satisfied customer for yourself:

Up and at ’em. We got swings to swing and slides to slide. #f52life

A post shared by Lily (@lilysoysal) on Sep 28, 2017 at 6:13am PDT

Valerio Farris, our resident staff writer, is also smitten: “I love my Ballarini because of its versatility. I feel so comfortable and confident cooking in it, whisking eggs against its surface, putting it in the oven for a little extra char.” (Editor’s note: Ballarini pans have a PFOA-free coating that stands up to metal utensils!)

As for this home & design editor, who’s run through any number nonstick pans over the years, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by its heft, durability, slick just-wipe-clean surface, and stay-cool handle. Omelettes have nothing on me.

There you have it, folks. The pan that causes an uproar (in a good way!) in our offices. Be sure to check out Ballarini’s charming teeny-weeny offerings, as well (below). Single serve fried eggs, coming right up!

Are you a Ballarini pan fan? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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