Back to the Roots Garden-in-a-Can

the story

The founders of Back to the Roots, Alejandro and Nikhil, first became interested in unusual farming techniques during a class in college. The duo learned that mushrooms could grow on nothing other than spent coffee grounds.

They grew fascinated with experimental farming and essentially turned their fraternity kitchen into a science experiment. One thing lead to another and by graduation the two of them passed up corporate job opportunities to become professional mushroom farmers founding Back to the Roots in the process.

why we like it

Back to the Roots is a unique gift with substance.

It makes gardening more accessible, adds positive vibes to any living arrangement, and produces organic herbs that can contribute to healthy homecooking. Plus, growing the plants is drop dead easy.

Just crack the can, put it in the sun, and water. In a few short weeks you’ll be slapping home-grown basil on pasta and drinking fresh mint juleps.

the competition

Believe it or not, Back to the Roots is the only real player in the “organic canned micro-herb farm space.” Or at least they only we could find — it’s a niche space.

The real competitors during the holidays are other highly unique and unusual gifts. We like Back to the Roots because it’s more than a novelty item. It’s a wholesome unique present with value that keeps on giving.

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