Anker Power Pak

the story

Anker is a battery company that was founded by ex-googler Steven Yang. Steven originally wanted to make quality replacement laptop batteries, but quickly shifted focus over to portable battery chargers. They quickly became the industry leader and diversified their product offering into 5 consumer electronic brands.

why we like it

This one’s easy. Have you ever been to a music festival, camping, traveling, or even day-drinking and kept running out of juice and had to charge your phone/shut it off? Well then, this product is perfect for you (or as a gift, but definitely snag yourself one).

The key thing with Anker products is the quality, # of charges, and just how lightweight the entire thing is. Did we mention their PowerIQ technology, which detects the connected device and automatically optimizes the current to most effectively charge the device? Not only that, but Anker is one of the few portable batteries that can actually “fast charge” your phone. Lastly, one charge of the Anker PowerCore 20100 will charge your iPhone at least 5 times.

Less wait… more juiceee.

the competition

Look, there’s a ton of portable chargers out there. Have you tried them?

They either charge your phone halfway and die or just sh*t out on ya when you need them most. There’s a reason Anker was rated Amazon’s best portable charger in 2015. Snag this bad boy and the person receiving the gift will never have to think about battery life again.

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