Watch Julia Child and Jacques Pépin Prepare a Thanksgiving Feast

Alright, I know it’s the day of, but if you’re still looking for some Thanksgiving inspiration, I thought I’d share something that might help. I happened upon a video that’s giving me all types of vintage Thanksgiving vibes, and a few cooking tips to boot: a segment from Julia Child and Jacques Pépin’s Cooking at Home television series.

The roughly 20-minute video has the two renowned chefs cooking their way through an entire feast. The menu du jour? Turkey, giblet gravy, cornbread and sage stuffing, cranberry chutney, creamed onions, and braised brussels sprouts. Child’s magnetic eccentricity plays a fun foil to Pépin’s more concentrated stoicism. Together, the two culinary greats walk their way through the iconic meal but manage to give it their own twist along the way. Check out the two-part clip below:

See anything you’d make? Let us know in the comments.

(via Food52)

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