These Pants Will Help You Eat All the Thanksgiving Food

The makers of Stove Top stuffing have devised the perfect sartorial solution to that bloated tryptophan overload that’s bound to set in next week. Their answer? A pair of elastic, waist adjusting Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

Last week, the Kraft-owned company rolled out the product with a campaign that feels tailor-made for viral success. The video is perfectly satirical and gets at a particular brand of infomercial melodrama:

The pants are a relatively stylish shade of maroon and feature an expandable waistband for those who load their plates with seconds, thirds, even fourths. It all seems like a big joke, but the pants actually retail for $19.98. And though they were limited to one pair per customer, they’ve already sold out. It seems not even Stove Top anticipated the Thanksgiving Dinner Pants rush.

It’s too bad—I was looking forward to grabbing myself a pair and walking into my Thanksgiving dinner ready to rumble.

Would you get yourself a pair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

(via Food52)

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