‘Notes from the Upside Down’ Delves into Stranger Things Season 1

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‘Notes from the Upside Down’ Reveals much about this show

Stranger Things is a big hit for Netflix. The show stars four friends who have to deal with strange things happening in their town. There is plenty of drama, some great comedy and plenty of paranormal elements. There is an unofficial guide out now called Notes from the Upside Down that gives tons of information on season 1 of this show. I was able to get a review copy and this is what I thought of it.

You can read the premise for Notes from the Upside Down here:

This mind-blowing unofficial guide has every fact you could ever wish for—from insights into the origins of the show, including the mysterious Montauk Project conspiracy theory; a useful eighties playlist (because, of course); interesting insights into the characters, auditions, and their evolving storylines; and much more. If you’ve ever wondered why Spielberg is such a huge influence, which Stephen King books you need to read (pretty much all of them), or how State Trooper David O’Bannon earned his name, then this book is for you.

I had a tough time putting down Notes from the Upside Down. It takes readers deep into many of the aspects of each episode of season one. From the characters, to the influences right down to the soundtrack. Fans get a chance to learn all of these things and so much more. Reading this book also explains why this show is a hit, and how it came to exist. If you like Stranger Things then this is a book you will want to read. To learn more about Notes from the Upside Down click on this website.

Notes from the Upside Down is available now. You can order this book on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and on BAM.


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