Afraid of the Dark? Our Shop's Got You Covered

Forget witches, ghosts, or zombies: The scariest part of October is the dark, seemingly endless nights. The farther north you are, the earlier the darkness creeps in, filling me with dread. But there’s a way to fight the shadows of shorter days: warm, cozy candlelight. Whether it’s a tiny tealight or a 36-hour slow burner, I love the soft light and comforting scents candles offer. They light up my bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom with flickering glows, prompting me to curl up with a mug tea and a good book.

Feeling inspired to create your own cozy corner? Take a look through our Shop’s range and scroll down for some of our favorite illuminating goodies.

Warm, Soft Glows

Mood Makers

Strike or snuff

So tell us: Are you afraid of the dark?

(via Food52)

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