Punch Your Way Into Fitness With Boxing

5, 3, 2, 6, 2.

If you think those are just random numbers, you probably haven’t ever laced up a pair of boxing gloves. Lucky for you, we’re here to change that.

As an outsider looking in, boxing might seem intimidating and only something you’ve seen in the movies or on your TV during fight night, but it’s actually a very approachable sport for people of all abilities and fitness levels. Plus all that punching, crouching and constant moving is a fantastic way to get your heart rate soaring.

Taking up boxing, however, isn’t as easy as slipping on a pair of gloves and going to town on the closest target (be it a bag or a partner). Technique and preparation are key to staying safe and avoiding injury — for both yourself and others. We enlisted the expertise of Cleveland Berto, a former professional boxer, to break down everything you need to know before jumping into the ring.

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So if running and biking are your old standbys for cardio workouts, consider switching your running or cycling shoes for boxing gloves about once a week. Plus, with the rise of boxing gyms, chances are likely there’s a ring or punching bag right around the corner from you right now.

Are you ready to spar?


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