This Air Force Airman Went From Average Athlete to Marathon Man

As a member of the United States Air Force, Gerard (or G, as he likes to be called) is required to take regular fitness tests to gauge his level of health and fitness, ensuring he is ready for any military mission at any time.

After scoring a 78 on his 2008 test — just 3 points above passing — he decided he didn’t want to be average and knew he needed to make a change to his diet and overall lifestyle. Even though exercise was part of G’s routine, he couldn’t seem to say no to the not-so-healthy foods that were outdoing his hard work.

“On a personal level, that was not where I needed to be in life. You really can’t outrun your fork.”

After buckling down on his diet by tracking his food with the MyFitnessPal app, getting a standing desk for work and becoming more serious with his running, G scored a 95 on his 2011 test, surpassing even his own expectations.  

Now, G has completed multiple marathons and recently ran a 100K (62-mile) race this past June. Clearly, his life is a far cry from his 2008 self — and we don’t need a fitness test to tell us that.


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