Have You Checked Out the Art of Manliness Podcast Lately?

Hey, did you know there’s an Art of Manliness Podcast?

It’s true.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, may I humbly suggest you do so today?

Checked Out the Podcast in a Bygone Era and Weren’t Impressed? Try It Again for the First Time!

When I started the podcast back in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing (kind of like when I started the AoM blog in 2008!). My interviewing skills were rough to nonexistent, and the sound quality of the interviews was similarly terrible. Even I could tell it wasn’t working well, and so I dropped the podcast in 2010.

But since reviving the show in 2013, the podcast has significantly improved in both sound quality and in my interviewing skillz (or so reviewers tell me). Especially over the last year.

I still don’t have the budget to fly guests out to my studio and put them up in a hotel. In fact, I don’t even have a studio. I record in my closet. So my interviews are done remotely via the internet. While remote interviews allow me to have guests on the show I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, the downside is that sound quality can suffer; sometimes there’s a bad connection or lag between me and my guest, and static and glitches develop that no editing can fix. To remedy this problem, last year I worked with my engineer brother-in-law to develop a remote podcast recording platform called ClearCast. Since starting with ClearCast, the sound quality of my podcasts has significantly improved. It often sounds like the guest is right in the room with me. Occasionally, guest circumstances require that I fall back to doing the interview over Skype or the phone and so those interviews don’t sound quite as good, but for the most part things are done completely on ClearCast.

So if you stopped listening to the podcast awhile back because of the sound quality, give it another go.

At the same time, weekly practice has gotten me far more comfortable with interviewing, and I think I’ve settled into a good groove (though I’m always looking to get even better!).

What to Expect in the Art of Manliness Podcast

If you’re never checked out the podcast before, here’s what to expect going in.

I put out a new podcast two times a week. In each show, I interview authors, experts, and thought leaders on topics of interest to an Art of Manliness man. We cover personal development, philosophy, history, fitness, and even men’s style. It’s a great supplement to the Art of Manliness text content we produce on the site and the format gives me a chance to go at topics from a different and often more nuanced angle.

While the interviews are fairly casual and conversational, they’re a bit more formal than some podcasts are. This is 100% by design. While I know that some folks like a more free-flowing style, I personally don’t enjoy podcasts where the conversation meanders and goes off into random tangents. During our limited time together, I want my guests to have the space to offer their best insights. For the same reason, I try to let them do most of the talking. I’m just there to facilitate their ability to talk about the things they know best.

The podcast is ad supported (here’s a list of our current sponsors), so you’ll hear an ad at the beginning of the show and two ads in the middle. I try to do my best to make sure the ads are minimally intrusive and relevant to our audience.

If you’re looking for a few AoM podcasts to check out, here are several of our more popular episodes that will give you a taste of what the show is like:

We’ve got over 300 episodes in the Podcast Archives. Like the content we produce on Art of Manliness, it’s evergreen, meaning even though it was published a couple of years ago, it’s likely still relevant today. Make sure to go through the back catalog to listen to some episodes you may have missed.

Social Proof, or Using the “Appeal to Popularity” Logical Fallacy to Convince You to Listen to the Podcast

There’s a persuasion tactic marketers like to use called “Social Proof.” It basically says, “Lots of other people like our product so you will too!” E.g., “3,000,000 happy customers can’t be wrong!”

“Appeal to popularity” is also a logical fallacy, but hey, I’ll go ahead and use it here anyways.

The Art of Manliness Podcast is consistently in the top 150 podcasts on iTunes and we’ve had over 60 million downloads since I started it back in 2009. Each month we get about 2 million downloads and have over 145,000 happy subscribers — numbers that continue to grow each month. Over 1,600 people have given the podcast a 5-star review on iTunes.

That many people can’t be wrong! Or maybe they can be. The only way to find out is by subscribing to the podcast and listening for yourself!

Why You’ll Love Subscribing to the Art of Manliness Podcast

  1. We’ve got variety. There are many podcasts out there where they hammer the same topic over and over again. Basically if you’ve heard one episode, you’ve heard them all. On the AoM Podcast, I try to make sure there’s a nice variety of topics from episode to episode. Because there’s so much variety, if one episode doesn’t call to you, you can skip it. Subsequent episodes will probably be right up your alley. But even if something doesn’t seem to interest you from the title, I’d suggest listening anyway; one of the common (and one of my most favorite) compliments that show up in reviews of the podcast is along the lines of: “Many times I didn’t think a particular show would interest me going in, but I ended up finding it fascinating.”
  2. We’ve got depth + practical takeaways. The AoM Podcast offers conversations with a depth, intelligence, and civility that’s fairly unique. The shows covers many topics applicable to everyday life, but it also explores some profound subjects that are rarely covered by other shows. Even when a show goes deep, though, I always try to leave the listeners with some practical takeaways at the end.
  3. You can get your AoM fix on the go. Have you ever been reading Art of Manliness and thought to yourself “I really wish I could consume this content while I’m mowing the grass or driving to work”? Well, the Art of Manliness Podcast is a solution to that yearning! With the podcast, you can listen to it while you’re in your car, mowing the grass, cleaning your guns, or working out. Each episode is about 45 minutes, or the length of a commute to and from work (if your commute is longer, you can listen to multiple episodes).

How to Listen to the Art of Manliness Podcast

You can always listen to a podcast right from the blog posts of the “show notes” we publish for each episode on the AoM website. There’s a player right on the page.


The best way to listen to the podcast, however, is via your smartphone. We’re on most of the major podcast apps out there. (Except Spotify. If you want to see us on Spotify, tell ’em to add us. Only they can make that decision.) Just search for Art of Manliness in the app you use.

Listen on Alexa

If you’ve got one of those slightly creepy, slightly handy Amazon Alexas around your house, you can listen to the podcast by saying: “Play Art of Manliness podcast” (no “The”). You can only play the most recent episode, though.

Leave Us a Review! (Or Share With a Friend)

After you’ve listened to a few episodes, please leave a review of the AoM Podcast on iTunes or whichever app you use to listen to the show. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and can thus help more people discover it.

If leaving internet reviews isn’t your thing, just share the podcast with two friends (and they tell two friends, and they tell their friends, and so on, and so on…).

Alrighty. Thanks for reading my pitch for the podcast. Hope you check it out. Or don’t. You’re a grown man. You can make your own decisions.

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