Telling the Truth and Facing the Consequences

Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shi’i Muslim. He is an author, creationist, educator, preacher, researcher, and thinker. He has Iraqi origin and was born in Qum, Iran. Here we discuss Islam and atheism, and media representation and being silenced.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: The first question: Why do you think you’re being targeted?

Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi: I’m being silenced because my following grew 45,000 in 3 months and the radical Islamists are complaining Imam Tawhidi: I was receiving an average of 20k views for my videos and over 7k comments. Facebook didn’t even explain what’s going on.

Jacobsen: What is the main message of peace? What are the some of the more prominent reasons youth become radicalized?

Tawhidi: My message on Facebook was exposing extremism in Islamic books. And youth are being radicalized because of the lack of condemnation of terrorism by Mosque preachers

Jacobsen: What does Facebook need to do to be welcoming to you? There are anti-Israel and Anti-Jew pages. They are not shut down. Atheist Republic was shut down. The Council of Ex-Muslims of North America was shut down. Now, you are shut down. What does this mean for atheists, and those that left the faith and are ordinary reformers within the faith?

Tawhidi: I was not made by Facebook. Therefore, my Facebook page being shut down doesn’t slow me down, but it’s affecting my audience who were on my page daily and it’s hurting their feelings

Jacobsen: Why do you think atheist pages are taken down? Do you think atheists and peaceful Muslim s can unite against those trying to silence them and take them down?

Tawhidi: Yes, I have been calling for all Peaceful Muslims to unite with the West against Islamic radicals from their own faith.

Jacobsen: What have been effective tactics and communication channels – outside of Facebook – to get the message of unification against Islamic radicals out to the public?

Tawhidi: Gab,, Twitter, and national media

Jacobsen: What do you think of those trying to silence you?

Tawhidi: They’re giving aid to radicals and slowing down the message of peace

Jacobsen: Even with their feelings hurt, and while the Facebook is down now – while you were a paying customer for promotions, where can people get in touch with you?

Tawhidi: Twitter: @imamofpeace.

Jacobsen: You have become big in the media, lately. Why do you think your message is resonating?

Tawhidi: Because people are attracted to the truth.

Jacobsen: Who are other, secular and religious, exemplars who are telling the truth?

Tawhidi: And they’re realizing much of the attacks against me are not true. Many people are doing what they can but none of them are being censored like me

Jacobsen: What about the issue of fake reformers? What can be done about them? How can the West best help?

Tawhidi: Fake reformers are everywhere I have written an entire article about it on the Huffington Post.

Jacobsen: Why can’t people who disagree come and argue with you, rather than simply silence you?

Tawhidi: I have invited the Australian National Imams Council for a debate, however, there has been deafening silence from their behalf.

Jacobsen: Atheist Republic and Council of Ex-Muslims of North America were shut down too. You are a Muslim page. Why were you shut down now? What does this portend since this extends from the ex-Muslim and atheist community to the ordinary, peaceful Muslim community – through at least one of its leaders: you?

Tawhidi: It seems to me that Facebook does not want any voices opposing their agenda.

Jacobsen: What are the common tactics of the Islamic radicals? 

Tawhidi: Mass reporting of pages they disagree with, and in return, Facebook’s Automated system shuts down the page and blocks the administrative accounts from posting.

Jacobsen: Who are personal heroes or heroines for you?

Tawhidi: Imam Hussain.

Jacobsen: What are your favourite verses in the Quran?

Tawhidi: “And we created you as nations and tribes so that you may get to know one another. Verily the most honorable amongst you is the most pious”.

Jacobsen: What do the Islamic radicals most often use to justify their ideology and actions?

Tawhidi: The corrupt teachings of Sahih Bukhari

Jacobsen: Why can’t people who disagree come and argue with you, rather than simply silence you?

Tawhidi: Because I know their arguments and how to invalidate them.

Jacobsen: Any feelings or thoughts in conclusion?

Tawhidi: The dawn of freedom is near.

Jacobsen: Thank you for your time, Imam Tawhidi.

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