I Slept Like an Athlete For a Month, Here’s What Happened

As a journalist who covers a variety of science-backed solutions that make us healthier and happier, I was eager to get my hands on some of Under Armour’s latest gear, which claims to make you a better athlete overnight — literally.

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear comes with a set of ambitions as big as Tom Brady’s or Misty Copeland’s: to help you perform better by promoting better muscle recovery while you sleep. The secret lies in the Far Infrared technology — a barely noticeable print on the inside of your PJs that helps reflect your body heat back to your skin. According to independent research from Harvard, fabrics that get a tech boost from Far Infrared bio-ceramic prints can help your body rebuild itself faster by reducing inflammation after you’ve done a number on your muscles.

In short, the ultra-soft PJs promise to pull off a near fitness miracle while you get your beauty rest. I was skeptical.

The first time I slipped into the pajamas, I was already sore from a killer TRX class two days prior (typically the second day of recovery is the roughest for me). I highly doubted a pair of pajamas was going to do anything about that. At best, I figured they’d be a comfy upgrade to the ratty college T-shirts I usually sleep in.

The next morning, I was noticeably less sore. In fact, the pain from the previous day was totally gone. But since it was day three of recovery and a Saturday morning (meaning a well-needed morning of sleeping late) that could very well have been a coincidence. Over the next few weeks, however, that felt less and less like a fluke. Here’s what I noticed:


My typical workout cycle usually involves soreness that starts to set in mid morning on the day following an intense gym session. By evening, I’m really feeling it and when I wake up the next morning (day two of recovery) the pain is at its peak. Almost immediately, I noticed a shift in that pattern with Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. While I still experienced next-day soreness, my second-day soreness disappeared almost completely. Not only did that feel a lot better, it also made it a lot easier to stick to a gym schedule, knowing I wouldn’t risk overdoing it by hitting up a kickboxing class while still feeling sore and stiff.


Overall, I felt like I experienced less morning stiffness and soreness. Rather than spend the first few moments of my morning hobbling around and slowly stretching out cramped muscles, I felt noticeably more limber and flexible. Whether the previous day was a workout or rest day, I definitely felt an extra spring in my morning step.



Aside from the body benefits, Under Armour’s new high-tech sleepwear is surprisingly soft and cozy. Hearing the term “ceramic,” I was a little nervous the PJs might be scratchy, but I slumbered even more softly than I do in my usual roster of cotton tees. I liked the look and feel of the pajamas so much I even started wearing the long sleeve top as warm-up gear for chilly early morning workouts. Talk about a multi-tasker.

Even better, the pjs can be washed normally — with all of my other clothes. The fabric is guaranteed for the life of the garment, too, which means that the “science” doesn’t wash out over time. 

After a month of giving my bedtime routine a high-tech, science-backed boost, I am definitely surprised by the benefits of better sleep. I’m not sure my PJ upgrade will have me performing at Tom’s level anytime soon, but I do feel empowered to hit the gym harder two days in a row knowing a more restorative sleep will be waiting for me on the other side.

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