100 Logged Days and 19 Other Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

Every week, reading about the non-scale victories that users share on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page makes us feel like our users are unstoppable. From competing in running races to learning to salsa dance, the MyFitnessPal community accomplishes amazing things across the board. Here are a few of your inspiring victories:

1. Finding your fittest self at any stage in life (we’ll cheers to that!)

2. Running a speedy 5K in the midst of marathon training

3. Reveling in how big and baggy old clothes have become

4. Having the courage to start your journey is the hardest part

5. Freeing yourself of those old, unhealthy food choices lurking in the kitchen

6. Finding a love (and impressive talent) for salsa dancing

7. Does progressing to twice as heavy dumbbells mean you’re twice as strong?

8. Keeping promises you made yourself years ago to get healthy

9. Riding your way to the best shape of your life

10. There’s no reason workouts can’t double as outdoor adventures

11. Noticing visible results after swim workouts

12. Finding friends and new teammates to keep you motivated along the way

13. Taking a healthy break and coming back strong

14. Taking on the world in your favorite pair of jeans

15. Showing off your fitness strides by striding past your opponents

16. Shrinking in size, but growing in strength and confidence

17. Here’s to 100 more successful days, Christina!

18. Progress by insane pushup counts

19. Cutting soda from your diet and sticking with it

20. Loving yourself and feeling amazing in your body

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