Isle of Man TT 2017

We don’t mind long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners, but what really turns us on is motorsport history and racing. The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy combines these two things like no other event on earth. Consider us smitten. For 110 years the IOM TT has been drawing the most skilled, brave, and lunatic riders to compete in the most dangerous race in the world. The Snaefell Mountain course comprises over 37 miles, 200 turns, and 1300ft of elevation climb. Not impressed? How about top speeds of over 200mph, course sections winding through narrow historic streets, superbikes being launched like motocross bikes, and ocean-side cliffs instead of gravel runoffs

It takes a special kind of psychopathy to drive someone to enter a race with such a foreboding safety record. In fact in 1976, the governing body removed the world championship status in the hopes that there wouldn’t be enough reward to draw so many into taking the risk. Still the challengers came in droves, only thwarted by three cancellations. Two of which due to a world war.

Racing is not only an innate human passion, but a mile marker of progress. In 1911 the course was completed in 4 hours and 9 minutes at an average speed of 38mph. Fast forward to 2011 and we would see that time fall to 1 hour and 10 minutes at an average speed of over 130mph! Not bad for a single century, considering the bronze age lasted 15. Danger, excitement, history, and progress of the human condition are the bedrock of this event. Whether you said “what’s an Isle?” or carry a picture of Joey Dunlop in your wallet, this event is not to be missed.

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Don’t miss out on the 2017 IOM TT. Airing in the States on Velocity Channel; Saturday June 3rd through June 9th.

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