Comfy, Cozy, Radiant: Your Maternity Essentials for Each Trimester


Whether you’re on your first pregnancy or your third, there are always new maternity products that every mom-to-be should know. We enlisted our Maternity Fashion Expert, Robin Otto, who constantly scours the trends. Below she shares her must-have product recommendations for each trimester:


First Trimester Must-Haves:

first trimester clothing

Belly bands will extend you’re the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe in those first awkward few months where you’re not quite showing enough to need maternity jeans, but just big enough to where zipping up your favorite pair of denim has become a full on workout.

belly bands on model

To wear: leave your jeans unzipped and unbuttoned. Simply step into the band and slip it up over your jeans to where it sits snuggly around your hips, covering your zipper underneath. You want the bottom of the band to sit at the middle of your hip, and the rest up and over the belly. Lastly, just layer your favorite blouse on top and you’re good to go.

Tunics can be a big help, as most women aren’t ready to share the big news until after the 12 week mark, but many start showing earlier. Great news: loose fitting, boho tunics are very in right now! The question becomes, “Do I really need a maternity tunic?” Not necessarily, but they’re a great option because they’ll last. Maternity tunics are always made with stretchy fabrics, so in the early stages they have a nice drape, but later they have the ability to grow with you.

first trimester tunics

Maternity Leggings are seriously THE most comfortable thing you will ever wear in your life. Of course you’re going to need a great pair of leggings to go with all those tunics you will soon be wearing! During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you might be experiencing morning sickness, fatigue and bloating, so a soft, belly-comforting pair of maternity leggings is just what you need to help ease some of that discomfort. Plus, they’re designed to last through your entire pregnancy. BONUS!

maternity olive leggings

First Trimester tip: ginger, ginger, ginger. Buy a case of ginger lozenges, Altoids, drops or candy to help relieve the nausea that goes hand in hand with morning sickness. Keep a case for your desk drawer, car or nightstand to curb any sudden urges.

Second Trimester Must-Haves:

second trimester clothing

Layering Pieces are a great way to look trendy and also flatter your bump. Look for open cardigans and fitted tops to layer underneath to easily look put together and oh-so stylish. Try mixing prints and textures to spice things up!

layers for the second trimester

Stripes: Don’t be afraid! They pull around the belly, narrowing at the smallest part of your rib cage which gives the illusion of a waist.

stripe maternity dress

Maternity Jeans are a MUST!  Although belly bands are a great start in the first trimester, in about 16 weeks you‘re going to start to feel the need to upgrade. The two options to look for in maternity denim are under belly and over belly. Under belly is a great option for women who are carrying high and are narrow through the hips. Over belly is best for women who are carrying more center or low, and/or are not narrow through the hips.

maternity jeans for second trimester

Second trimester tip: Hydration is critical at this stage. If you’re yearning for a beverage a little more dynamic than water, try coconut water. This nutrient-rich drink is packed with electrolytes, calcium, vitamin C and potassium, while preventing dehydration to keep you awake and active.

Third Trimester Must-Haves:

A Baby Shower Outfit is essential for when you will be gathering with all of your closest friends and family to celebrate the new addition!  While the main topic of conversation will be about the little one coming into this world, all eyes will be on you and you will want to feel your best. Dresses are the best option, as they’re feminine and easy to wear. Struggling with swelling? Opt for a maxi dress. It’s a great option no matter what time of year!

baby shower dresses

Maternity/Nursing PJs are a must because at this point you’ve probably grown out of your pre-pregnancy PJs. Opt for maternity sleepwear that doubles as nursing wear. You’ll be glad you did later! For the bottoms, look for items that sit below the belly and have a tie waist to extend their life long after baby comes. These are also a great option to bring to the hospital when baby arrives.

maternity pjs

A Nursing Sleep Bra is highly recommended throughout your pregnancy, as they provide much needed added support. It’s especially important in the last few months. Opting for a nursing bra that has some stretch is a great way to ensure that you’re giving yourself support, but also planning for the months ahead. These are typically sized S-XL and are made with fabric that has spandex in it, so they have room to stretch and grow as your size fluctuates.

nursing sleep bra

Third trimester tip: Prenatal massages, if you get the all clear form your doctor, can be a welcome relief for sore feet and other aching parts. Your therapist can focus 60 or 90 blissful minutes on you.

Post Baby Must-Haves:

A Nursing Cami is every new mom’s must have. These are great to wear at night when you’re waking up frequently to feed Baby, as well as a great essential to layer underneath some of those first trimester tunics. The coverage over your tummy makes you feel comfortable while feeding in public, and the clip down mechanism provides easy, one-handed access.

chocolate nursing cami

A High Quality Nursing Bra makes life easier if you’ve decided to nurse your baby. The nursing clasp makes feeding time simple. During the earlier tender stages, opt for a wireless nursing bra to prevent any discomfort. From there, once your size has become more regulated, try adding a sassy lacy underwire for some fun flare.

nursing bra post baby

Belly Bandit does an amazing job of reducing swelling within the uterus after your baby is born, while also serving as a shaper post baby.

belly bandit post baby shaper

Pregnancy is a magical experience for you and your family. Feeling good and having the right maternity essentials can make all the difference when it comes to focusing on the most important things. Check out our shop by trimester event happening 10/27/2015 to 10/30/2015.

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