He Got This Picture For $2 At A Thrift Store (It’s Actually Worth Millions)

Have you ever wondered how much the stuff in thrift stores is actually worth? I mean, if it’s that cheap, it can’t be that valuable, right?

Wrong. Sure, there’s a bunch of junk floating around in thrift stores, but some of it is worth a ton of money. Just ask the guy who picked up a picture for $2 that ended up being worth millions.

Randy Guijarro purchased this picture for $2 at a thrift store because he thought it looked cool.

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As far as he was concerned, it probably wasn’t worth much.

But then he found out that this is one of the only photos of Billy the Kid.

It’s actually a picture of the famous outlaw and some of his gang members playing croquet in 1878.

The photo’s authenticity has been verified by historians, and it’s valued at roughly $5,000,000.

Where Cool Things Happen

There was a lot of bang in those two bucks.

(via Where Cool Things Happen)

Hundreds of people love browsing thrift stores, and after hearing about this, I might start thrifting myself. Okay, probably not. I’m pretty sure that this type of thing doesn’t happen very often.

Source: doral360.com

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