Podcast #422: Men & Manners — Tipping, Emojis, and Much More

They say that manners make the man. But how do you display good manners without coming off as awkward and in a way that elevates life both for yourself and for others? Today I bring back writer David Coggins to discuss etiquette and manners in the modern age. I had David on the show a year ago to discuss his book Men and Style. He’s now out with a new book called Men and Manners. Today on the show, David shares how style and manners are connected and why good manners are like good poetry. We then discuss best etiquette practices concerning tipping, greetings, attending parties, and texting. We end our conversation highlighting the grace and power of handwritten notes.

Show Highlights

  • How are style and manners connected?
  • David’s take on roller bags when traveling 
  • Style staples that are also comfortable 
  • How manners are like poetry 
  • Tipping etiquette (including baristas) 
  • How to physically give a tip gracefully
  • Why a man should always carry cash 
  • Party etiquette — when to arrive, bringing a gift, RSVPing, etc. 
  • Why greeting people has become awkward 
  • How to make a good first impression with your place 
  • Decorating without breaking the bank
  • Does a man use emojis?
  • What’s up with exclamation points? Why are they so ubiquitous?
  • Social media etiquette 
  • Bringing back the handwritten note 
  • Why David strongly dislikes the appearance of bare feet in public 

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