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A Particularly Brilliant Way to Savor Those Summery Berries

If I had to make a dream summer food list, strawberries and rosé and ice cream would easily make it into the top five. I eat ripe, juicy berries by the handful when they arrive at the market. Ice cream is a standard post-dinner event: We get cones from one of the little shops in town and wander the pier, licking them as they drip sticky-sweet tracks onto our fingers. And rosé? Well, I drink that all year long, but summer means it shows up on every menu, at every party, and in every cocktail.

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We Taste-Tested 10 Under-$10 Rosés
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So a dessert in which I can eat all three simultaneously sounds like sheer bliss. Luckily, not only does one such dessert exist, but it’s a ridiculously simple recipe that is an ideal template for flavor (or fruit) tinkering. You simply need to boil together your wine with a little sugar (I use very little, as the wine and fruit are both sweet), and add in any flavor you like (check out these unusual yet brilliant strawberry pairings. Once the liquid thickens slightly, tip in your berries and let them simmer for just a few minutes. They don’t need long to poach since they’re so delicate. Remove the berries from the liquid, then continue to cook it until the liquid thickens into a sweet, dark pink syrup.


(via Food52)

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