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Give Strawberries a New Sidekick (We Still Love Ya, Cream!)

Forget those under-ripe, pale-shouldered things that garnish every brunch order, fruit cup, and yogurt parfait all year long. In season strawberries are a whole new fruit. They’re juicy, tart, sweet, and red from tip to stem—and each is a giant mouthful of fragrance and flavor that plays well with ingredients and flavors well beyond the obvious. If you tend to stay on the beaten path when it comes to strawberries, read on for some new inspiration.

How to Hull Strawberries, 2 Ways

How to Hull Strawberries, 2 Ways
by Taylor Schwartz


How to Use Your Strawberry Tops
by Marian Bull


Flavors that go with strawberries—from the obviously sublime to the equally-but-less obviously sublime—include:


(via Food52)

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