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Penne Eats Its Summer Vegetables, Gets Into an Easy, Cheesy Groove

Summer starts on June 21st! In honor of all the BBQing, sprinkler-hopping, and ice cream truck-chasing to come, we give you Hello, Summer, a picnic basket full of easy-breezy recipes and tips to help you make the most of every minute this season.

Has the siren call of the farmers market pulled you in yet? I walk through New York’s Union Square Greenmarket on my way to or from work a few times a week, and lately, it’s been a glorious flurry of colors (strawberries!) and activity (tourists! camera crews!). Pretty soon, we’ll be at the point where the bumper crops of zucchini and tomatoes swell our hauls, and we’re left thumbing through that killer zucchini bread and pitch-perfect gazpacho from summers past.


(via Food52)

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