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AHRMA at Gingerman and Road America

Part I: Gingerman Raceway – June 1st-3rd

Situated on more than 300 acres of land, with large grassy run offs Gingerman Raceway is considered one of the safest tracks in the country. Located in South Haven, Michigan, Gingerman Raceway is where Rounds 9 and 10 of AHRMA Racing took the DCC Crew.

The weather was much improved from the last rainy racing weekend at Hallett. There was only one night of rain at Gingerman but the track was all dried up by race time on Saturday.

Friday practice was dry and mild, but unfortunately presented a run of problems for Jim Korn. His newly built CB350 motor snapped a valve during the first lap of practice and it appeared his race weekend was over before it even started. However, racing with the AHRMA family means you’re never racing alone, and the fellowship racers almost always steps up to help. This weekend David Miller aka Rebel Dog Racing had his “B” bike in tow, and he didn’t hesitate to offer it as a loaner for the weekend and beyond. Thank you David, you saved the weekend and it was much appreciated! Let’s get to the results…

Saturday Race 1 – CB160

This has evolved into quite the competitive class, with a starting grid of 17 racers, Scott Turner finished 6th. He is starting to think he may need to freshen up the motor a bit to catch some of the front runners. Consider this your warning.

Race 4 – Vintage Superbike Heavyweight

George Hernandez went out and executed a strong 4th.

Race 5 – Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Herm gave another superb performance finishing first, while Dawn captured a smooth 9th place. The DCC Crew missed Scot Fiedler and Rian Mondriaan in this class, but are hoping they will be joining the crew again soon in New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Race 6 – Two wave start. Formula 500 – and Sportsman 500 – Jim accomplished a 5th with the loaner CB350 in the formula race. Scott unfortunately overcooked Turn 1 on lap 2 in Sportsman and wound up inspecting the grass, having to settle for 8th.

Race 8 – Vintage Superbike Middleweight –

George pulled a 6th with a smile.

Race 9 – Two wave start. Sportsman 350 – and Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Scotty brushed off the previous mishap and raced back into form claiming 2nd in the Sportsman 350. Herm went out and represented DCC like a boss with another 1st place. Herb Haigh grabbed 7th with Dawn closing her race day with another 9th.

Race 11- Formula 250 – Jim completed his day of racing with a 5th.

Sunday results showed some improvements and personal accomplishments. Dawn shaved 10 seconds off her lap times from Saturday and 4 of our crew raised their finishing positions.

Race 1 – CB160 – Scott took another 6th… Yeah, we are going to have to tear that motor down and give her some love.

Race 5 -Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Riding more like an employee than a boss, Herm was overtaken by the competition on this day, but still respectably finished 2nd. Dawn proudly conquered 8th!

Race 6 – Sportsman 500 – Formula 500 – Scott turned the heat down through Turn 1 and voila he cooked up a Sportsman 3rd place! Jim was in a comfort zone with his loaner bike and moved up to a 3rd place finish in Formula.

Race 8 – Vintage Superbike Middleweight – After some issues left George with a DNS in the Heavyweight, he was able to sort them out far enough to secure a 6th in Middleweight.

Race 9 – Sportsman 350 – Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Scott closed out his weekend with a podium 3rd. Herm no longer an undercover boss took 1st again. Herb advanced to 6th and Dawn followed suit moving up to 7th.

Race 11 – Formula 250 –

Jim closed out the weekend with a 4th place finish.

With back to back weekend races, Gingerman in Michigan and Road America in Wisconsin, the DCC Crew had some time to hang out, wrench a little here and there(ok a lot), test and tune, and even see some sights. America’s dairy land in summer is a spectacular place to be.

Part II: Road America – The RockerBox Motofest – June 8th-10th

Rounds 11 & 12 had the DCC Crew arriving at Road America in beautiful Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin on Thursday. This legendary 640 acre facility boasts a four-mile, 14-turn super FAST road racing track. Rested and ready for another weekend of racing the DCC crew was poised to attack this truly world class track.

Wearing race leathers all day became the wardrobe of necessity as the weather proved to be quite chilly for this sunshine state based group.

Friday turned into a day of more than practice for Jim Korn and Dawn King. One of the ignition pickups failed on Jim’s loaner bike, but when you are at a vintage race, and there are other vintage bikes, there is fertile hunting ground for parts! Big thanks to Eric Lukehart and Chad Wick for the points and condenser off their spare motors. Heading back to the pits to wrench up the repairs and get back on the track sounds simple, but in actuality it is quite the process working without the luxury of a proper garage. Of course if you are going to race old bikes you better expect some unexpected repairs. This is a philosophy Dawn was forced to embrace all weekend, having her headers break 5 separate times. This was truly a case or ride wrench and repeat!

Saturday Results – Some improvements from Gingerman & some continuity.

Race 1 – CB160 –

Different track different strategy- Scotty was able to move up two spots to finish in 4th, even though the bike was still experiencing some issues. Rest assured Mr. Turner doesn’t take a laissez faire attitude towards anything 2-wheeled let alone his race bikes.

Race 2 – Formula 500 – Jim still experiencing some less than perfect bike performance finished 6th

Sportsman 500 – Scott moved up to a satisfying 2nd

Race 6 – Novice Historic Production Heavyweight –

Herm temporarily lost boss status with a 2nd to an extremely fast CB750. Status quo was maintained for Herb in 7th and Dawn in 9th.

Sportsman 350 – Scott realized a tougher grid at RA, taking 6th.

Race 8 – Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Boss status reinstated (his taxes are gonna be a real PITA this season), it was a 1st for Herm. Dawn embraced that “philosophy” with another broken header finishing safe, but 12th To race is to wrench and to wrench is to love right?

Race 11 – Formula 250 – Jim defended and held his 5th place position.

Sunday Results

Race 1 – CB160-

After replacing the ignition coil on his CB175, Scott was able to go out and thrill spectators in a great battle with fellow racer Greg Glevicky to finish a strong 2nd!

Race 2 – Formula 500- Sportsman 500 – Jim finishes 4th on the Rebel Dog loaner, and in Sportsman Scotty secures another 2nd place.

Race 6 – Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Sportsman 350 – Herm takes another 2nd following the same unbeatable CB750. Herb executed a 5th, and sadly it was a DNS for Dawn as her header broke for the final time while on the starting grid. Scotty, facing a grueling grid of gifted racers concluded his weekends of racing with a 6th

Race 8 – Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Herm, back on the boss wagon, locked in another top podium finish.

Race 11 – Formula 250 – Jim was finally rewarded after all the blood sweat & tears with a podium 3rd!

Thank you to Gingerman & Road America for hosting AHRMA Racing! We are your fans and family and enjoy every inch of your beautiful facilities!

Thank you to all of the AHRMA men and women that work so hard to keep us safe, organized, and in line! We truly appreciate you even though we don’t always show it or say it enough!

Despite some typical racing highs and lows, we are so thankful everyone is safe and able to race again another day. The DCC Crew will be taking a break, for some repairs and rejuvenation. Rounds 13 & 14 of the AHRMA race season will be July 13th-15th at New Jersey Motorsports Park. See you there!

(via Dime City Cycles)

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