How Anthony Bourdain Inspired Us to Travel, Eat & Write

Over the years, we’ve traveled around the world with Anthony Bourdain: as he wrote tell-all books, filmed A Cook’s Tour, and moved on to No Reservations and Parts Unknown after that, changing the face of travel and food writing in the process. His work is poignant, funny, enlightening, and yet so familiar, embracing the common threads among people, despite our superficial differences. That closeness he evoked, the willingness to share himself, was always there—we felt like he was sitting right next to us, chatting candidly, no matter what faraway place he was exploring that week.

So thank you, Tony. Our team and community honor you as someone who inspired us to be a little more curious, empathetic, intrepid. Here, we celebrate the thoughtfulness and joy you’ve brought to our lives:


(via Food52)

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