Remembering Barbara Kafka, Whose Roast Chicken Changed Everything

Last Friday, the world awoke to news of Barbara Kafka’s passing. At 84 years old, the culinary legend leaves behind a legacy 11 books deep and an indelible impact whose far reaches are still difficult to map.

Take, for instance, her roast chicken. We uploaded it to our site around this time in 2012 as a Genius Recipe. Since, it’s accrued upwards of 2,000 saves and remains our most popular recipe for roast chicken. Hers is a simple consultation: Stuff the chicken’s cavity with the optional lemon, garlic, and butter, then cook the chicken in an oven on a roasting pan for 40 to 50 minutes, roughly 10 minutes per pound. To prevent juice runoff from crackling and sputtering in the scorching heat of the oven, Cook’s Illustrated advises upholstering the bottom of your roasting pan with sturdy vegetables.


(via Food52)

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