David Hogg Goes After ‘NRA Sellout’, Scores on Social

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Hogg was one of the student leaders to emerge after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla., last February, but he lost many fans after a backfired boycott against conservative pundit Laura Ingraham in April. Ingraham ended up with 20 percent more viewers for her Fox News Show, while Hogg got 58 percent negative opinions on social media for his trouble. Luckily, Hogg’s latest efforts are going much more smoothly online. Hogg went after Florida-based grocery chain Publix after it donated to Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, who has described himself as an “NRA sellout” and received top ratings from the gun ownership advocacy group. Putman got about $670,000 over the last three years from Publix and its executives, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Hogg suggested “die-in” flash mobs and boycotts until Publix pulled their endorsement of Putnam, which they did last Friday. Putnam may have lost, but Hogg won big and walked away with 56 percent positive opinions online over the past week. –Hugo Guzman

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