Raised Fists for Childish Gambino’s Anti-Violence Video

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It opens with the execution of an African-American blues guitarist and features Glover dancing around scenes of riots, police brutality, and teens watching from their phones as Childish shoots up a gospel choir. Critics are calling it a powerful indictment of violence against the black community. “Donald Glover’s trap gospel ‘This Is America’ is a piece of trickster art that soundly rebukes the natural DNA of the protest song and constructs it into a freakish chronicle of imprisoned torment,” Wired writer Jason Parham wrote on Wednesday. Someone must know what that means because Social agrees, giving 82 percent positive reviews to the video, which has been watched more than 50 million times since Saturday. However, one interpretation of the ending might cast those opinions in a different light. The final scene is Glover running away from a crowd, barely visible in the video’s dark warehouse setting. Critics such as Parham have interpreted this to be a condemnation of music fans who love rappers up until those artists have something to say. –Hugo Guzman

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