AHRMA at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is just west of Tulsa Oklahoma, tucked away in the small town of Jennings. It’s a 1.8 mile, 10 turn track with a few blind turns and some tight downhill corners. What I mean to say, is this track is loads of fun! Hallett is a venue AHRMA hasn’t visited in 12 years and the return this year for Rounds 5 & 6 was not a warm welcome. Don’t get me wrong, the staff and locals offered up typical Oklahoman hospitality. While the temps at home were well into the 80s, the sunshine state based Dime City Crew were forced to bundle up to face some frigid winter temps.

Practice on Friday lead to a real challenge to get some heat into the tires. The track was smooth, slick and cold, rendering minimal grip. It became quickly obvious that any new tires could only be scuffed with files and sandpaper. For the uninitiated, AHRMA Vintage riders are not permitted to utilize tire warmers in most classes. All in all the team managed to finish the day with a good idea of the race lines and the limits of the bikes on this tricky track. Friday ended with a hail storm, torrential rains and temps settling into the 40s. By Saturday morning it was still raining, continued raining and then it rained some more. The standing water on the track was too much of a safety concern and race direction made the decision to cancel racing for the day. Sunday morning was wet and cold, however the rain had moved on and the track was beginning to dry. The surface was cold, and any water weeping up through the cracks made for a day of dangerous “no grip” conditions in spots. Nevertheless, it was finally time for racing! Since racing was canceled on Saturday, Sunday’s races were worth double points and the DCC Crew enjoyed the full benefits of this bonus.

Race 1 CB 160 Le Mans – Mr. Scott Turner found himself pushing his bike uphill from pole in this Le Mans start and ended with a 3rd place podium!

Race 4 Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Herm claimed another W for the records!!

Race 5 Vintage Superbike Heavyweight -George Hernandez takes 4th.

Race 6 Vintage Superbike Middleweight – Back to back races gave George an opportunity to warm his tires for this one and he moves up a spot to finish 3rd.

Race 7 – Two Waves

Formula 500 – Jim Korn on his beautiful, newly built CB350 grabbed 2nd

Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Herm’s CB350 began running on only one cylinder but with a small grid he still managed to pull off a 3rd place podium finish.

Sportsman 500 – Last year’s champ Scott Turner secured the top podium spot.

Race 10 – Formula 250- Jim was in a heated battle for second all race long and cemented his well deserved 2nd place finish in the last corner!

Sportsman 350 – Scott Turner the consummate professional finished the weekend with another 1st.

The DCC Pit welcomed another rookie this weekend – Herb Haigh from St. Petersburg – completed his race school on Friday and took a 2nd place finish in the Novice Historic Production Heavyweight Class. A fulfilling experience for his first weekend of racing to be sure. While Jim and George are headed out to Willow Springs in California, the rest of the DCC Crew will catch up with them in Michigan at Gingerman Raceway on June 1st.

It was a rough weekend weather-wise, and we’re compelled to acknowledge and thank the track owners, AHRMA race direction, workers and volunteers for toughing it out to keep all of us Speed Freaks safe. Also, big props to the owners for enlightening us with their ritual of playing the chicken song at 7am each morning on the loud speakers for our wake up call. It was an amusing way to start the day and put a smile on our faces. If you haven’t heard it and are curious type “In the Mood by Henhouse Five” into your Google machine. Stay tuned for the next exciting update. Until then, ride fast and live well.

Check out the AHRMA schedule for upcoming races!

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