Kylie Jenner Got A G Wagon 4×4 Squared

Kylie Jenner’s at it again! Just weeks after we reported her getting a LaFerrari as a push present, it looks like she’s added yet another ride to her now massive collection. Kylie shared a picture of her and Kendall posing with her new Matte Black Mercedes G Wagon 4×4 Squared. We know Kylie’s been a longtime member of the G Wagon mafia (her very first car being one) but now it looks like she was ready to take it up a notch. G Wagons have been getting boring for a while now considering everyone in Hollywood has one, so I like that the 4×4 gives it another chance at exclusivity. What’s your thoughts on the 4×4 Squared?

Kylie lifted G Wagon

Source: Instagram

(via Celebrity Cars Blog)

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