Podcast #391: How to Optimize Your Body With Micronutrients, Genetic Nutrition, and Intentional Stress

When you think about diet and nutrition, you probably think about carbs, proteins, and fats. These macronutrients play a huge role in athletic performance and whether you gain or lose weight. But food is also full of micronutrients that are vital for your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, most people overlook micronutrients, and consequently are deficient in them. My guest today has spent her career researching the ill effects of micronutrient deficiencies and what you can do to optimize them. Her name is Dr. Rhonda Patrick and she’s a biomedical scientist. Today on the show, Rhonda and I discuss micronutrients: what they are, what they do, and why we’re not getting enough of them. 

We then dig into her research into nutritional genomics, or how genes affect how your body processes nutrients. We end our conversation discussing how stressing yourself with cold exposure, heat exposure, and fasting can boost your health. 

Show Highlights

  • What are micronutrients? What are the big ones that play a role in our health and disease prevention?
  • How recommended daily allotments (RDAs) of vitamins and nutrients are set 
  • What percentage of people have micronutrient deficiencies?
  • Can taking multivitamins make up for deficiencies?
  • Can you ever have too much of certain micronutrients? 
  • How micronutrients stave off age-related diseases, including cancers, later in life 
  • How easy it is to keep up healthy amounts of micronutrients 
  • What role do genetics play in our overall nutrition, and how our body processes things?
  • What are hormetic stressors? 
  • The benefits of heat exposure — saunas, hot baths, etc.  
  • The benefits of cold exposure, and the role genetics plays in those benefits 
  • What happens in our body when we fast 
  • What is time-restricted eating? What’s the benefit?

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