T-Swift’s New Music Video is ‘Delicate’ Subject for Social

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Last Sunday, Swift won Female Artist of the Year at the iHeart Music Awards. She wasn’t in attendance though, instead opting for a prerecorded presentation to thank onlookers and introduce her latest music video for the song “Delicate” off the album Reputation. It has unsurprisingly blown up, accumulating more than 31 million hits on YouTube as of Thursday. The video alludes to why T-Swift has avoided the spotlight of late, showing her getting fed up with all the attention celebrity life brings. But after she receives a magical note telling her to meet a mystery person at a bar, she discovers she has turned invisible to everyone else and spends much of the song dancing around and making faces. That routine has gotten her into some hot water because it closely mirrors a 2016 advertisement for Kenzo, directed by Spike Jonze, that also features a woman (actress Margaret Qualley) forgetting the outside world and hopping around. T-Swift hasn’t responded to accusations of ripping off the advertisement’s concept, and given her withdrawal from the public eye, she might not respond at all. Over the last three days, “Taylor Swift + Delicate” has a 68 percent positive score on Social. –Alex Shultz

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