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Apparently, You Can Now Use Your Instant Pot to Make Wine

The Instant Pot can make a mean butter chicken. It can take beans from hard to hearty in record time. And apparently, now it can be used to make wine.

Yeah, you read that right! The electric, multipurpose countertop tool now has a new purpose: to turn you into a home vintner. How exactly, you may ask, did this get figured out? What plucky soul had the gumption to attempt wine making at home—and in an Instant Pot, no less? Well, for this discovery we have David Murphy to thank.

What We Learned from the Instant Pot in 2017
What We Learned from the Instant Pot in 2017
by Valerio Farris

Before we get going, it’s important to mention that Instant Pots are also in the news for another, less ebullient, reason: The company is recalling some of their models for posing as potential fire hazards. This recall, it seems, does not apply to Mr. Murphy.

Murphy, a self-described Instant Pot recipe enthusiast, runs the blog Foodnservice, where the recipe in question originally surfaced. Judging by his website, Murphy is quite the Instant Pot aficionado—he’s made everything from unicorn lava cakes to a Brussels sprouts gratin with the help of this trusty tool. But now he’s taken his Instant Pot proficiency to the next level. In a very detailed post, Murphy breaks down just how the magic happens. All it really takes is three ingredients, an Instant Pot, a funnel, and some tape. Voilà!

All together, Murphy’s recipe takes around 10 days. Hey, wine’s got to age somehow! A lot of that time is pretty hands-off, though. First, the grape juice, yeast, and sugar pop into the Instant pot, set to the yogurt function, for 48 hours. After that, Murphy recommends an 8 to 10 day aging process to allow the alcohol to really develop. Here’s what he had to say about the taste: “The nose of the wine has hints of chocolate and dark cherries, and it had a very palatable wine taste.”

Hmm, doesn’t sound too horrible to me. Maybe it’s even worth a shot. If you’re interested, you can check out his detailed instructions here. I can see the label now: Vintage Valerio, Brooklyn Apartment, 2018. Who’s buying?

Would you try this recipe at home? Let us know in the comments.

(via Food52)

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