Use These Storage Bowls to Try a Hack or Two

Photo by James Ransom

We love our Rosti Mepal microwavable nested storage bowls for a lot of reasons—they’re airtight, leak-proof, microwave-friendly, freezer-ready… the list goes on. So we decided to rack our brains and give you a few tips in case you wanted to make the most of them yourself. Read on: Hacks await.

This year, we’ve been changing the way we cook—and that includes the way we work with our freezers. The idea of cooking with frozen veggies or stockpiling leftovers can leave one leery; one bad experience with freezer burn is all it takes. These marvelous bowls, though, with their airtight seals, are reliable performers in the cold. Why not use them to sort out (and reinvent) how you freeze?

While you’re microwaving in these bowls, why not do something surprising? Melting chocolate, that most delicate of tasks, is doable in your very own microwave. And if you’re really ambitious, why not try making marinated eggplant(!) in there? Never let it be said that the microwave can’t pull its weight on the cooking front.

Of course, these bowls also work as… just bowls. Try using them for their most basic purpose by, for instance, trying a new method of mixing salad. (You can even serve the resulting dish straight from this stylish bowl in a pinch!)

What’s the best kitchen hack you’ve encountered of late? Sound off!

(via Food52)

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