AHRMA Season Preparation

Pulses are quickening, sweat is beginning to bead and the smell of grease and fuel hangs heavily in the air. In the garage, jovial banter has given way to a hushed concentration as racers and wrenches prepare for one of life’s greatest endeavors; the sport of racing. The 2018 AHRMA race season is fast approaching with the action set to begin next weekend 2/23 in Bloomingdale Georgia at Roebling Road Raceway. The DCC crew has been hard at work all through the offseason building, tuning, testing, and now the winged piston is ready to take flight.

If you’re not as prepared as you would like, we’ve got you covered. Take some inspiration from our D33 production racer build, check out our AHRMA specific parts category, and grab the DCC gear you need to show your pride anywhere you go. The flag drop waits for no rider, so get your order in today.

(via Dime City Cycles)

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