8 Storage Solutions We're Stealing from Tiny Houses

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough storage space in your home? Or that there are certain objects you just can’t find a place for? Yeah, been there.

If you’re struggling to find room for all your belongings, it might be time to take a cue from tiny house owners—after all, they’re the unofficial experts on efficient storage ideas. Tiny homes are forced to make the most of every square inch, and many have ingenious storage solutions you’re going to be tempted to copy, whether you live in a tiny urban dwelling or a sprawling mansion with nothing but space to spare. (It doesn’t hurt that the tiny houses themselves are adorable, making them just plain fun to check out!)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites ideas. Prepare to be inspired…

Where to Put Your Clothes if Your Closet is Teeny-Tiny
Where to Put Your Clothes if Your Closet is Teeny-Tiny
by Jessica Comingore

1. Under-Stair Storage

The space under the stairs is arguably one of the most underutilized areas of the house. There’s so much potential storage here, and tiny houses take full advantage of it. It’s common for tiny homes to have drawers, closets and/or cabinets under the stairs. Even if you simply convert your own under-stair area into one big closet, it’s the perfect out-of-the-way spot to stash the vacuum, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations, or other bulky items.

2. Mounted Plants

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Plants are a cozy, homey touch in any space, but they can take up a fair bit of real estate. If you’re working with a smaller space to begin with, you may not have room for plants on your counters and shelves. Tiny house owners face a similar problem, and many solve this woe by mounting plants on the walls. There are wall planters to fit just about any aesthetic, and these cool pots allow you to save space while still reaping the benefits of indoor greenery.

3. Collapsible Counters

If you frequently find yourself dragging out extra tables when you have company, this next storage solution is for you. Many tiny homes make use of collapsible counters to increase table space without having a cumbersome piece of furniture in the way. These fold-down counters are the perfect spot for eating, but they can also be used as a workspace for you or your kids.

4. Magnetic Kitchen Strips

There’s limited kitchen counter space and drawers in tiny houses (and let’s be honest, here in New York City, too), which means owners have to get creative when it comes to storing utensils, tools, and appliances. One unique storage solution used in many tiny kitchens is wall-mounted magnetic strips. You can of course use these strips to hold knives as you often see, but they can also be home to other small tools like graters, bottle openers, spatulas, and more. It’s a neat trick if you hate cluttered counters!

5. Surprise Storage Space

The space under the stairs isn’t the only area where you can find extra storage. In a tiny home, you may very well find hidden drawers under benches or beds. Further, there are often built-in bookcases on the ends of counters or in unused corners. The possibilities for peekaboo storage are endless if you think outside the box.

6. High Shelves

We tend to put shelves at eye level so they’re easy to reach, but this means the higher parts of the wall go unused. To increase your storage space, take a cue from tiny houses and install a few shelves up high along the upper edges of your walls. Just don’t put any frequently-used items up there!

7. Lofted Storage

Many tiny houses include lofted areas, which often host the bedroom or living space. However, you can also use smaller loft areas for storage. It’s similar to the idea of high shelves, but allows for even more storage room (for your snoozy cat, natch).

8. Sliding Barn Doors

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This isn’t a storage solution, per se, but it’s a great way to save space in small interiors. A sliding barn door like this one isn’t just cool and rustic, but it takes up way less space than a traditional swinging door would. Win-win.

What tiny house storage solution are you most interested in trying out for your own (tiny or not) home? Share your ideas with us below!

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