ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hustle is Coming to LA, NYC, SF, Chicago, Boston, Seattle

We’ve been hosting killer events since the day we were born (yep, that’s pre-newsletter, folks). From Hustle Con, to Pizza & 40s, to Con Con, it’s been a blast.

But we still felt like something was missing…

See, we noticed the tech space was dominated by male speakers — and we thought it was about time to give a platform to some bad*ss women entrepreneurs.

That’s why we created 2X: a quick-hit storytelling event featuring powerhouse women who are experts in their field, have accomplished awesome stuff, and who you definitely want to be friends with.

The response was nuts.







Our first 2X inspired one attendee to quit her job and start her own company. Our second 2X event in San Francisco sold out 900 tickets in 3 weeks. Our third 2X brought us all the way to Hollywood.

But we can’t keep this to our West-coast-selves anymore, it’s just plain selfish. So, we’re takin’ it to the streets.

The Hustle is bringing 2X to 7 different cities around the country.

The speakers are all-stars, the stories are relatable and insanely inspiring, and the crowd is classy as fug.

Mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get the Led out — because 2X is going on tour.

America, we’re coming for you.

2/21: San Francisco

3/1: Los Angeles

3/8: New York City

3/20: Austin

4/4: San Francisco

4/18: Los Angeles

5/22: Chicago

TBA: Boston

TBA: Seattle

Get your tickets here

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