The Strange Mockumentary ‘Cook Off’ is Heading to Blu-Ray

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‘Cook Off’ shows the crazy side of competitive cooking

I am a fan of comedies. If they are done right, they can have me laughing until it hurts. I knew little about Cook Off going in. It has an amazing cast, and presented this story in a mockumentary style. It was definitely not what I expected it to be. I was able to watch a review copy of this film and here is what I thought of it.

You can read the plot for Cook Off here:

As a buffet of quirky contestants prepare for the renowned Van Rookle Farms Cooking Contest, the heat is on to win a one million-dollar prize. The filmmakers follow them as the foodie media and celebrity judges descend on a hotel convention area to see which contestants rise, which ones fall, who will reveal their true nature, and who will find love with the contest’s costumed Muffin Man mascot.

I didn’t like Cook Off much. This movie came off more as weird than funny to me. It was done mostly in improvisation, and I think that is what hurt this movie the most. The ending was not bad, and did an okay job bringing this story to a close. Some people may like this film, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Cook Off comes out on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital tomorrow. You can follow this movie on Facebook and Instagram.

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