Plenty of Chuckling as Pence is Punked in Aspen

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Trolling the Trump Administration is practically a one-way ticket to Social’s heart, as residents of Aspen, Colo., are learning after they pulled a fast one on Vice-President Mike Pence over his Christmas vacation. Neighbors hung a rainbow banner, reading “Make America Gay Again,” at the end of the driveway where the Pence family stayed last week, according to The Washington Post. Social was supportive, giving Pence’s Aspen visit 62 percent positive sentiments as a result and telling the trolls that it was a job well done. It’s not the first time Pence has been punked for his anti-LGBT stance. Last year, residents in the Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Md., hoisted rainbow flags after learning that the Veep would live nearby before moving into his permanent residence at the Naval Observatory. –Hugo Guzman

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