6 Expert Recommended Fitness & Food Podcasts

An upbeat workout mix is a must, but podcasts can offer an entirely new way to boost your fitness — and health in general. Whether you’re walking laps around the track, earning some PRs on the weight bench or just getting through your morning commute, podcasts offer expert insight on a huge range of topics, from nutrition to physiology to workout trends.

We asked fitness and nutrition leaders to share their favorites. Check out what these experts like and consider tuning in yourself:


When it comes to creating a personal workout plan, many people find that what works for others might not work for them. That’s what makes All About Fitness — hosted by trainer Pete McCall — such a valuable podcast. He breaks down how exercise can change your life and offers perspectives on personalizing fitness programs to make them more effective.

Personal trainer Marc Coronel says he enjoys how McCall takes an unbiased approach to fitness trends and really digs into what’s happening in the world of exercise. His guests range from those who are new to the scene to familiar favorites like Billy Blanks.


Writer and fitness instructor Derek Beres has an extensive yoga background, but this podcast is incredibly broad in its subject matter, Coronel says. Although some yoga topics are discussed, like studio etiquette (Spoiler: Don’t step on someone else’s mat!), you’ll also find thoughts on psychology, neuroscience, movement science and more.

“This is a fascinating look into all types of brain science and other topics, and how they can intersect,” says Coronel. “Even if you don’t do yoga, you would enjoy how thought-provoking these podcasts are.”


Hosted by Joe Desena, founder of the Reebok Spartan Race, this podcast focuses on fitness and training, but throws in a healthy dose of life advice, like how to live more fully and dial down stress.

“The podcast pushes people to stretch their limits,” says 18-time world champion powerlifter Robert Herbst. “You learn about how to be more motivated, disciplined and successful.” His favorite aspect of the podcast is the inclusion of guests who have persevered through adversity and come out the other side, providing a big dose of inspiration.


Best known as the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Tim Ferriss has become a popular podcaster thanks to easy-to-follow strategies for boosting your well-being. His guests cover a range of insights on increasing creativity, improving nutrition, conquering fear and lowering anxiety — all tactics that can take your fitness to the next level.

Texas-based family medicine physician Myers Hurt, MD, recommends the podcast because Ferriss and his guests provide some solid research-backed advice. He says, “Ferriss does a great job of communicating what he’s changing in his own life, athletically and nutritionally, and talks to guests who give their well-informed thoughts about whether other people should try those, too,” says Hurt.


Hosted by performance nutritionist Danny Lennon, this podcast is geared toward nutrition geeks, but is fascinating for anyone who wants to learn more about how food might be impacting their workouts, says nutritionist and strength coach David O’Reilly.

“This is my absolute first port of call for nutrition, especially for anyone who’s training,” he says, adding that the podcast is geared toward increasing athletic performance. If topics like weight regulation, carbohydrate metabolism and pre-sleep protein intake are your jam, this is the podcast for you.


Hosted by Dr. Scott Mills, this podcast has an overriding theme of reducing the incidence of pain and improving the way you move. That has prompted a wealth of conversation from top guests, who provide insights on everything from proper squat form to digestive issues to better knee rehab exercises.

“From doctors to physical rehab experts to nutritionists, this podcast always gives me great tips to implement in my daily routine,” says Will Cole, MD, a functional medicine practitioner. “Plus, it’s just great to listen to some of the leading voices in the health world.”


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