Quibbles With Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit

Source: 30dB.com – Seville

According to Lonely Planet, Detroit is undergoing a renaissance, bolstered by investments from true believers like Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban and the young artists and professionals who have moved into Detroit’s cheap neighborhoods. “New stadiums, hotels, streetcars and parks, alongside distilleries and art galleries, are evidence that Motor City is back in business,” LP wrote, giving Detroit second place on its list of the best cities to visit in 2018. Seville, one of Spain’s oldest cities, took first place, while the top five also included Australian capital Canberra, Germany’s Hamburg and Kaohsiung, one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Taiwan. Social certainly likes LP’s top choice, with Seville posting 71 percent positive sentiments on 30dB. Most of the other cities… not so much. Detroit, Canberra and Hamburg all rank under 60 percent positive, with only Canberra above 50 percent. However, Kaohsiung drew 70 percent. –Hugo Guzman

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