Turn Your Yoga Practice on its Head with Acro Yoga

Hatha. Bikram. Power. You’ve done just about every type of yoga there is… or have you?

Acro yoga is taking the yoga world by storm, and not just with avid yogis. Both beginners and seasoned yoga vets are taking up acro yoga as a way to expand their ohm-repertoire and reap the benefits of the acrobatic activity (like core strength and stretching).

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Acro yoga is exactly what it sounds like: acrobatics combined with yoga. As with any form of yoga, the poses can range in difficulty from beginner (i.e., front plank) to expert (woah, hangle dangle). Of course it makes sense to start with the easiest poses first — even if you already have those advanced floor poses down pat — but there are a few things to know before you get inverted.

For example, while may people may think acro yoga is best suited for a certain type of person (small, thin, lithe), in actuality, any body type, size or shape can easily get involved. Even better news? Larger people don’t always have to be stuck on the bottom. You, too, can fly, big-boned yogi!

Check out this short video for tips on flying, basing, falling safely (because you will fall) and more. Then grab a partner (or two) and get acrobatic!


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