Social Sinks the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria

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Back then it was Europe’s kings and queens, who saw colonization as a risky and expensive project, but these days it’s Social that’s unsure whether to celebrate the man once credited with discovering the Americas. Instead, a new holiday has caught Social’s eye, one that celebrates the people already living in the Western Hemisphere when Columbus arrived. Indigenous Peoples Day is beating Columbus Day online, with 85 percent vs. 50 percent positive sentiments, respectively. And Indigenous Peoples Day isn’t just winning with the electronic crowd. Communities across the country — such as Los Angeles, which celebrated its first Indigenous Peoples Day this year — are replacing Columbus Day with the new holiday. Steven Hackel, writing in the Los Angeles Times, explained why. “That the colonization of the Americas made possible by Columbus was both cruel and tragic is not a matter of debate,” Hackel wrote. “Indigenous Peoples Day correctly celebrates and honors [the place of indigenous people] in L.A.’s past, present and future.” –Hugo Guzman

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