Why is there always a wait for the new iPhone?

Pace yourselves on the new iPhone excitement, because it looks like this year, Tim Cook’s gonna make us wait yet again.

The iPhone X isn’t even available for pre-order until the end of October, analysts are already predicting shortages, and shouldn’t they have this figured out by now?

So what is it Tim?? A marketing ploy? A miscalculation?

As expected, there’s a lot more going on behind the scene than we realize.

Apple’s supply chain involves tons of slim-margined suppliers who can’t afford unsold inventory — that means Tim’s playing Price Is Right trying to estimate how many people are gonna treat themselves to an update, without overshooting it.

Enter the pre-order, a crucial period for companies to gauge consumer demand — particularly when releasing a product at a new price point, like the iPhone X at $1k.

Even if they nail it, they’re still at the mercy of niche manufacturers

The iPhone’s NAND memory chip is currently facing a global shortage, with Apple’s manufacturers falling behind on production by almost 30%.

This, combined with a “super cycle” of upgraders who’ve been holding out for major design updates could make for a perfect storm of shortages…

So when can we expect to hold the 8 for the first time? In the words of Cook last year on whether Apple would be able to meet demand for the iPhone 7, “hard to say.”

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