The mouse doctor

Not the squeaky kind — the computer kind. eSports is super popular (more people watched the League of Legends championship than the NBA finals last year… by a lot).

And the more players enter the professional sphere, the more we see the toll this taxing, sedentary lifestyle can take on the body.

Yes, gaming injuries are on the rise, and they’re threatening to force some of eSports’ major players into early retirement.

Unless Dr. Levi Harrison has anything to say about it

Dr. Harrison, an orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgeon, has made a name for himself as the “Gamer and eSports doctor.”

Patients fly in from all over to see him. Once there, Harrison recommends a series of wrist warm-ups and exercises but most importantly schools them on the importance of posture and chair positioning.

Take Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis:

Widely known as one of the greats — Fear would log anywhere from 8 to 12 hour days during his reign — until the injuries began.

Last year, in a public statement, Fear announced his retirement. But, in September, after working with Dr. Harrison, Fear pulled an MJ, coming out of retirement. And this time around, he’s putting his health first.

As Loomis puts it: “Before, I just sat in a chair; I wasn’t picky at all. But now that I’ve had my arm injury, I’m very aware of what I need. Having armrests, making sure there’s a backrest. I need good support. If I don’t have that, then I don’t play.”

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