The Gordon Ramsay Breakfast Video Taking the Internet By Storm

Gordon Ramsay may be British, but he knows his way around a classic American breakfast. In a video, released on his Youtube channel over the weekend, the tempestuous chef shows us a hashbrown hack for the ages and a method for cooking eggs that has me waiting for the weekend. But don’t just take my word for it, the video itself garnered over a million views in a mere 24 hours.

Why is it so special, you ask? Watch to find out.

Ramsay starts off preparing foolproof, crunchy, pancake-style hash browns (think latke meets frittata). I am particularly flummoxed—and fascinated!—by his advice to slip tiny pats of butter around the hash brown’s circumference for particularly crispy edges.

Then, in a true moment of inspiration, Ramsay advises us, his trusting viewer, to crack eggs directly on top of the giant hashbrown and pop it in the oven. Meanwhile, he chars some bacon in brown sugar, salt, butter, olive oil, sugar, and pepper. He recommends this method for the smoky sweet effect it lends to the breakfast staple.

He pulls the double layered hash-brown-egg extravaganza out of the oven, adorns it with the freshly browned bacon, and voila, Ramsay’s breakfast boat for brunch lovers is done.

Would you give Gordon’s recipe a spin? Let us know below.

(via Food52)

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