Podcast #334: When Violence Is the Answer

We’re often told violence is never the answer. My guest today would argue that not only is that idea wrong, it’s also extremely dangerous. He says that sometimes violence is the answer, and that when it is, it’s the only answer. 

His name is Tim Larkin and he’s a self-defense expert and the founder of Target Focus Training. Tim has trained military, law enforcement, and civilians on how to use violence to protect themselves. In his latest book, When Violence Is the Answer, Tim makes a convincing case that civilians need to change their mindset about violence if they want to protect themselves and their family.

Today on the show, Tim and I discuss what he means by violence and why it’s often the only possible response to violence. He then goes into detail about the difference between antisocial aggression and asocial violence and how to respond to both. We then discuss why good people should study criminals on how to use violence more effectively. We end our conversation by exploring how knowing how to kill and maim people can counterintuitively make you a more peaceful and gentle man. 

Show Highlights

  • Why training is easy, but the understanding and mindset is hard to come by
  • Why people want self-defense without the violence
  • What actually is violence? How is it different from self-defense?
  • The most dangerous tool an attacker has at his disposal
  • What’s the difference between violence and simple social aggression?
  • How to recognize when an aggressive encounter will turn truly violent
  • Why you should always watch and identify with the victor in videos of violence and aggression, even if it’s the bad guy
  • The Mexican mafia’s reading list for new recruits
  • Why the best information always comes from the worst people
  • Why resolve isn’t all that important in true self-defense
  • The importance of understanding human anatomy when inflicting violence
  • Tim’s own incredible self-defense story, and the lesson to be learned from it
  • Why responding to social aggression with violence is never worth it
  • Violence as a tool
  • Why Tim treats everyone he meets as if they’re seconds away from a shooting spree

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

When Violence Is the Answer makes a provocative case that normal, law-abiding citizens need to get comfortable with violence and doing violence to others. Weirdly, once you make that shift in mindset, you actually become calmer and more zen-like because you realize that most of the annoyances and aggression you see from people aren’t worth escalating to violence.

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