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Ashley’s 90-Pound Weight Loss Started on Her Wedding Day

Meet Ashley Marsh, a mother of two in Rhode Island. Ashley’s wedding day in 2013 was the starting point to turn around her weight problems and become healthier. Fortunately, for Ashley, her transformation wasn’t an individual journey. From daily walks with her daughter to celebrating weight loss milestones with her husband, the entire Marsh family has joined her in the commitment to better health.

“I’m proof that no matter who you are, you can change your life.”

Ashley’s story perfectly embodies the power in our community, proving that all you need to create a better life for yourself is a desire to succeed and a commitment to putting in the work. We are committed to telling your victory stories, so be on the lookout for more motivation and encouragement.

Every dreamer deserves support. Discover inspiring tips, tools and stories of dreamers like you to help kick-start your own dream pursuit.

Done something awesome yourself or know someone who has? Share your personal victory (or someone else’s) for a chance to see your story here. These are real stories from real community members, so we want to hear from you and help celebrate your accomplishments.


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